Blackboard maintenance:

  Check and replace, if necessary, fastenings / holders

  Dedust the blackboard box, chain and guiding rails

  Oil the chain block, lubricate the guiding rails

  Check the mechanics, balance the blackboard, if necessary

  Smooth the running rolls and lubricate them



Blackboard reconstruction

Glass blackboard




 Magnetic adhesive surfaces


(Junior High School, Burgholzstr. 6, 96110 Sche▀litz)


The chain block was hooked in, readjusted

Mechanics refer to Blackboard maintenance

The cracked glass blackboard surface was replaced by a steel surface (magnetically adhesive)

The bare blackboard surface was recoated

The blackboard was balanced, and the guiding strip for the counter weight was relocated


Another example:

Cracked glass

Conversion as a magnetically adhesive surface


A conversion of each blackboard model or a blackboard with side blackboards with magnetically adhesive surfaces (steel) is possible!